Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ali @ NY Knicks Season Opener vs Miami Heat - 10/29/08

Hoooooorrrrraaaayyyy! The Knicks won! Congrats everyone! Big up New York! We are officially undefeated! Right Ben!?! - (See below video)

However, the game was great.....Very fast pace, organize and exciting until the last 4 minutes of the game...but, my man Nate "the Great" Robinson was able to pull through at crunch time! Much respect 'partna'!

I really enjoyed myself. As you already know, the NY Knicks & NY Liberty always take care of me -with tickets and invites to exclusive events. But, this time around, new comer, Brett Cullen hooked me up with executive Skybox (suites) seats for me and my friend/business partner/film producer Ben Rosen to utilize. (see above pictures).

The food and atmosphere was great! You will definitely see more of me at this years Knicks Games!

I'll see you there!

OHHH, and by the way, above are pictures of me and former NBA (NY Knicks) Players, Charles D. Smith & Kenny "Skywalker". They are very cool guys! And, Yes, I am very short!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008


Hey, Hey!
Yesterday was very peaceful. I pretty much hung around my home for most of the day- I cooked, slept and watched movies with my friend! I also, made a lil Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner! What a great man I am!!

However, the only time I went outside was to head over to LULU LEMON for Yoga Class! It's been a while since I've practice Yoga, so I was just getting back into the flow! But, I managed to do well!

However, class was pretty intense! We were doing a selection of conditioning drills, from kickboxing, to sit-ups, to push-ups to even boxing (jabbing & Weaving)! GOD DAMN!!

I guess you can imagine how tired I was - See picture (1 & 2)
- Also, class was jam packed and there were only 3 guys in class, so you can just imagine how much fun I had with the ladies!?!? Ummmm!
Overall, this was a great class - I'll score this an A+
BTW, it's a great thing what Lulu Lemon is doing..these guys have an awesome yoga inspired athletic apparel collection - they also offer a variety of charity benefits and opportunities for the community and free Yoga practice for the all interested individuals, at their West-Side Flagship store (64th st & Broadway)!

So, 'Yogees' & 'Yogets', come out and support Lulu Lemon!
Check them out -


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ali @ Cathy's Social Networking Diinner Gathering, benefiting "Plays for Living"

This is such a nice picture! Shout out to Susan Crain Bakos (far right) aka Sexy Prime ( who invited me to this lovely dinner party over a host Cathy Woods Bristow house....This paticular gathering benefited the popular theater organization, PLAYS for LIVING!

Go support Susans blog, its very funny and SEXY!
* By the way Susan is apart of my favorites.

Life with Grandma

Sunday was cool, ya'll. Me and my mother went to visit her mother, my grandmother at her home in Brooklyn! I was so excited to see her! She is so adorable, sweet and cool! Of course, when she saw me, she was happy!! (look at above picture)

We had a great time. We ate, relax, talked, laughed and chilled....Such a great time! Thank you Grandma for being such a good host.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Ali is back at Basketball - yesterday - 10/16

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been emphasizing on some of the positive things I can do to keep me Happy and in, my homegirl Ginger suggested - get back into playing Basketball ....not a bad idea, so I made a few phones calls, and voila, I was back in the gym!! Now, I have to say that it's been 3 years since I've played BBall (due to my injury)...But I did very well... But afterwards I was in serious pain!!! I couldn't feel my legs nor did I have any energy!

It was terrible! I feel like I'm 40! And I am far from that. So I encourage you guys to stay in shape!

Above is a picture of me from last night! As you can see, when word got out that I (Ali "A's" Abdullah) was getting back into the gym, everyone attended....It was a sell out crowd!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day at the Movies-

Monday I went movie hopping and saw- "Nights at Rodanthe" & "Nick & Norah"....Click on below video to follow me....Also, check out my Adidas Run DMC Track Suit!!

There's nothing better than, watching a movie and eating some PINKBERRY!

Thx Leila!


Adidas Original Classic Picture

Everyone, please be aware that there will be doubles of this photo at many locations....It will also be posted up at the Adidas Original Store in SOHO!

* Picture was taken at the Adidas Original Store - Soho, NYC

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ali @ BLOOD MANOR- 10/11

Above are PICTURES of me and Renee at BLOOD case your are wondering what the knife seat is - it's the official props from SAW4 movie...Renee was scared as hell! (look at pic#3) - I was A-OK!!!................Yea right!
Please note- me smiling looking happy in the above picture was way before me experiencing the Blood Manor! My face & voice after experiencing Blood Manor was a different story!

Check back later for VIDEO footage of my pre & post experience of Blood Manor.
By the way, I will be attending Blood Manor again and if you are interested in joining me, please let me know!! Email me and my team at -
- I already received 16 emails from people who are interested in going with me next weekend.
Big Thanks to Claire O'Connor...this attraction is soooo sweet!
Oooo and by the way, I messed up my Sunny Hi Adidas Sneakers and Adidas sweater...due to the fact I was running around scared in the attraction. But, it's ok, becuase I only wear my clothes once!


Monday, October 13, 2008

Last FRIDAY: Business/Pleasure - 10/10/2008

I grind everyday! Plus everyday is a good day!
Last Friday I knew my BFF (lol) was coming into town to hang with me for the weekend, but I first had to take care of some business.....
1st stop - a meeting with the NY Knicks! (See pictures 3 & 4)-
- My meeting went well! Dan over at the Knicks showed lots of interest in what I was proposing! Plus, there will be a large scale opportunity, that my organization - 5th Avenue Sports League & the New York Knicks will work together at one of there games!!! Wow! So, at this point the opportunities are there, it's just time to perform!
- Big Shout out to Dan and the Knicks organization for treating me so well. I even snapped a few pics of their office! Terrific!!
Moving on....
2nd Stop - a catch up with my favorite - Simmons Jewelry Company! (See Pictures 1&2)
- After my meeting with the Knicks, I dashed over to the SJC offices to pick up a 'GREEN BRACELET' for my friend, along with snapping a few pictures of their exciting collection! Their collection is so dope! It ranges from the 'HELLO KITTY COLLECTION' (picture#1) for female youth/teenagers to the luxury Women's & Men's Collection! Get yours because I got mines.
FYI: For those who are interested in purchasing SJC, you can find them at your local, ZALES, KAY JEWELERS, MACY'S and other locations.

Adidas - Exclusive 15th Anniversary Vibe Magazine Kicks


Check these out....I received a UPS package Thursday, containing these limited edition sneakers from my personal favorite - ADIDAS!!
* These are the Vibe Magazines 15th Anniversary Limited Edition Shoe~
For those who know me, know that I am married to the Adidas brand! The Adidas folks treat me well, and I have a good feeling that this realtionship will work out! Lol!!
However, I did some research and found out that you can now purchase these shoes at - make your purchase ASAP, as the quantities are limited.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Saeedah's Girls Night Out

O my goodness! Have you ever had a day where you'd rather go to the gun range instead of home after a hard day of work? Good! Im so glad its not just me. Its quite important to keep at least two good girlfriends in your life for a "girls night"... Fellas you too can have a night with the boys, if you aren't already doing so.

Key Ingredients as follows:

1. Wine or some other alcohol infused beverage (from the local community Liquor Store, of course) - Its the catalyst the begins to ease the tension, and create the illusion of joy, lol... Wooo hoo does it work!

2. Hookah Pipe - Since I am against the use of drugs, yes, even Marijuana, smoking tobacco enhanced with fruit flavors & molasses gives you that mellow feeling without the addiction and without stealing your mama's fur coat and selling it to someone like my Dad (who loves a bargain even if its from a street hustler) for $20.

3. Chinese Food - But uhh we only ordered broccolli w/ brown sauce and white rice (that damn vegetarian friend of mine and that other "wonderful" friend who watches her figure, even when shes sleeping lol) uhh sidebar- what is brown sauce?? How is a sauce's name a color?? Lmlsao!! I never understood that, ie green & red sauce at the spanish restaurants... Hmm, but hey I eat it all the time, guess I should start putting more thought into the foods I eat with names that describe only the color, lol.

4. A funny homemade video of your tour in DR during which WE (myself a.k.a. "Body Beautiful" and Mari a.k.a. "Wonderful") were made to wear someone else shoes (wet), walking up a stoned trail, to waterfalls that we climbed (still unsure who we did it), Wonderful losing her shoe and breaking her toenail which ruined (what she calls) " most beautiful french pedicure", lol as one tour guide flirted with me, and I punked out on the last 2 waterfalls, lol, truly great entertainment!!

5. Last but not least having Good Friends like Day a.k.a. Ms. Jenkins, and Mari a.k.a. Wonderful around you for laughs, venting, jokes, stories, comparisons, emotional discovery & processing, relationshhip talk, sleep over and just good old fashion THERAPY!

The pics above are from this past Monday's girl night... Wonderful & Day are going to kill me! But they still love me! Mm hmm, ya'll do!! LolI can't wait for next girl's night! The 20th, be on the lookout! :o)Attempt your own girls night, fellas night, and you'll see how great it is, to let loose and relax!

* Day is the one seated on the floor, and Mari "Wonderful" is with the love of her life (her cell phone) on the couch. You guys already know me in the single pic!! (in case anyone is trying to figure it out, the bright orange object behind me is O.J. a.k.a. Orange Juice, a stuffed animal horse I recently won at Great Adventures! Woo hoo) lol....see ya soon! =

This Weekend: BLOOD MANOR

Thank God for the weekend!
- This past weekend, my 'best friend' (remember the song?) Renee aka "Storm" was in town hanging with your boy (Ali) for the entire weekend and we did a ton of things....don't you agree "Storm"!?!? U better! However, there are so many things that I could Highlight; like the last minute pictures and bracelets down in Soho, the Indian food, city island and more, but one particular thing has been hangind over my head for the past two days is my new favorite -"BLOODMANOR" (click here)
I have to say, Blood Manor is a scariest (S**T) attraction in the city of New York!!
Above are some media release pictures detailing some of the props and characters.
Additionally, I will post up my personal Pictures and Video of me (ALi) and Renee entering and leaving Blood Manor....It is very funny!
Stay Tune!

Big thank you to Claire O'connor & Jim Faro for the VIP hookup!

- Believe me guys, I've put together some tough productions, but "Blood Manor" is by far the sweetest, neatest and coolest production going down in the NYC!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Outlook#4 - Robo McCain


Whats Good!
I was in the gym yesterday working out and every God Damn channel was tuned into the Presidential Debate! I mean, damn! No music videos, NO games, NO ESPN...No nothing, Damn!
So, since it was on every channel, I feel back from my workout for a quick second to focus on the Debate. The debate was fierce and competitive, but one thing I notice was how stiff (robotic) Sen. John McCain was! I mean, damn he's STIFF. Now, I m not here to talk about him or Obama, but for a minute last night I visualize McCain learning how to Break Dance as a robot!!!!! See above!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Day @ the Spa in the Village

So, I was at the Spa yesterday to get my face clean and I stumbled across a brother who was getting laser treatment by the name of "VANILLA"!!!!! - See picture above-

So I snapped a sneak/quick pic of the man known as "Vanilla"! Funny thing is, his (Boy)Friend caught me!! I will not get into what happen or what was said, but let's say that no one was got special treatment!!!! LOL

* Camera phones are dangerous!

* It's funny some of the things you'll see being in the village! "Vanilla" take care of yourself bro!


Monday, October 6, 2008

New Adidas Originals Collection - Jeremy Scott

Hey check this man, Jeremy Scott is launching his personal ORIGINALS COLLECTION in 2009!

Hopefully, I'm next!

Shout out to NICE for the info.

Ali @ NYC Dunk Xchange- 10/5/08

Yesterday was a great day! Don't you agree?!?!
Let's seeeeeeee. what did I do? Hmmmm

I was invited to hit up the exciting - DUNK XCHANGE sneakerheads/hip hop function @ CRASH MANSION in SOHO!
Shout out to Curtis Brown & Gary Hughes - Founders/CEO's of the DUNK XCHANGE

Hands down, the event was great and it was very organize! If you don't know, the DUNK XCHANGE give young individuals and rising grass root apparel companies the opportunity to promote, showcase, sell, trade, network and engage in a bunch of positive resources that prevents them from getting involve of negative activities.

So, much props to the DUNK XCHANGE!!
Shout out to ("my favorites") Adidas for outfitting me from Head to toe!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Outlook#3 - I'm Paid!!

Christmas has come early this year... God is good! All of my hard work has finally payed off (literally), please don't hate me but, over the weekend, I received a special package from DC and enclose was a check for $700 billion! It states deposit this check only at the Bank of America on Wall Street!!!

- Get it!?!
Well, whatever, in case you are wondering what I am going to do with all of this money is, invest it into the current failings of the stock industry!!! Yep, that's right, the full $699billion!!!!!
No comments please! lol
-Just joking...God bless America...Let's stick together

Smile More Daily,
Ali "A's" Abdullah
-MAP'nOUT Ent.

New Addiction..not New Edition...PINKBERRY

Alright, I agree, I do think there is something wrong with me? Why, because I am officially addicted to "PINKBERRY"....Have you tried it? If not, than I think you should...It's a must! If anything, just ask me and I'll treat you.

For the past 4 months, I have spent, ummmm roughly (do the math) $7 for a medium- three times a week - times 3 months (16 weeks) = $336 on delicious "PINKBERRY"! That's not including the people I've treated or seconds that I've purchased for my late night craves at home!

OMG it's soooooo (hi renee) delicious! And now since I am sooooooo additcted, each Saturday when I come from the studio the manager (confidential location) awaits my arrival to accommodate me and my team to PINKBERRY! So yes, I am now officially a groupie for PINKBERRY!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Ali @ GRS Soccer Benefit for HIV- 10/2/08

What's Up! How's it going!? I hope all is well. Well, I'm back on the grind (never fell off) but I'm back to show you guys what I been up 2.
- Moving on....
So, this past Thursday 10/2...a good friend/business partner - Bradley (who's head of marketing for "MY FAVORITE" CHIPOTLE) invited me to this exclusive VIP gathering- benefiting Celebrity, Ethan Zohn's Grassroot Soccer organization and HIV programs in Africa!
The event was spectacular (as you can see) and Ethan is a cool cat and a great host...much respect brother!

But, on my side I had a great time! The music was poppin and my crew (Bradley & Jessica) really enjoyed themselves. By the way, Jessica (top pic- left hand side) was my casual business date for this event. She's a great person and she runs the custom/exclusive component for another one of "MY FAVORITES" Simmons Jewelry Company!

I was thankful for the opportunity and was excited to meet such a select group of people... Thanks Brad, Jed & Ethan! Furthermore, while there, I was spotted by a gentleman who wanted to take a picture with me because he seen me on ESPN recently (felt like a celebrity)! But I did manage to run into some great people I knew from 'birth' (meaning: Business) - like Vanessa (Powerade), Antonio (PUMA), Steve (NBA) & a couple other people!

Lastly, I would like to give a 'BIG' Shout out to the following companies for supplying my wardrobe for this event:
* Adidas Rod Lavers - Shoes
* GAP - jacket
* Buffalo Jeans - Pants

TTYL, Peace!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

NYC Weather......COLD!

Hey All- I'm back! Sorry for the lack of consistency on my post but I been very distracted! No seriously, I'm more busy than Obama....He don't have nothing on me! HAHA!

- But I decided to blog about the weather here in NYC - COLD! During my travel, the weather has been amazing (warm & tender), but here in NYC....COLD! However, for those who know me, you guys know that I dress however I want.....My inspiration came from attending Alfred State College- while there, guys and girls walked around half naked during below zero temperatures! I looked at it as a inspiration for me to say hey, if they can do it, I can!

If you think I am playing check the weather above!