Thursday, September 11, 2008

Saeedah's Hump Day

Im sitting at work, in my chair, hungry from not having breakfast, as if I do any other morning, but I find myself so happy and stimulated that I get a break from Ramadan (Islamic Holiday; fasting from Sun up to Sun down for thirty days) today because of my (generally dreaded) monthly (ladies you know what that is! Men only know when you tell them it hasn't come this month *hint hint)... So as I finally bite into my butter bagel for a dollar, that I bought from a different store after disputing with the teen girl who attempted to sell me a croissant with a slice of american cheese for $3, STOOOOOP!!!... I mean a sistah doesn't even buy milk anymore!! Anyway Im sitting and thinking about being on an island. Far away having a cocktail (so what its 10:30am) and laying on the beach. But instead I stroll to get charts, in preparation to write notes on the children of NYC that I attempt in so many ways to save, but most are resistant, but I try. (I say get a switch! Lol-- black folk, ya'll know about switches, and to my brothers, ya'll remember the "strap", lmao, sad thing is, you guys think Im joking! Hmmph!) But the only island Im on today is Manhattan... And so, I'll enjoy that its hump day, and smile because Friday is two days closer! =

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Saeedah's Bithday/Vacation - 9/1-9/6

Here it is, the world traveler (lol, Im working on it) Queen A (not B!! That's lil kim)... "A" standing for the fabulous & fun family, Abdullah. So... Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, Im here, sharing the space with my brother, and sharing my wonderful experiences. Sooo... Here we go! My birthday was September 2nd, and this is my last year of my twenties (just turned 29) so as usual I decided to take a trip. Went with a home girl to Puerto Plata, Dominican Repulic (DR). Although the ocean was as beautiful as ever, the rest really didn't meet my expectations.. I mean no wash-n-sets, that's devastating enough, lol (wash-n-sets, only dominican salon's in nyc get your poppin, lol) the children were beautiful, but always asking for candy lol, and the souveniers were extremely overpriced! Are they kidding me, did they really think I'd pay $15 for 2 magnets (1 for me, 1 for my ma. For those reading who don't understand black folk terminology ma= mother, lol... Had to throw that in there just in case we have a mixed audience reading, *wink--> back to my trip), I said oh no! Im from New york, and I KNOW a magnet is not $7.50 for one, so we negotiated, I said $8, he said $10, then he offered me to stay in DR and be his wife, and at the end, I got the magnets for $9! Hmmph! I know that's right! Lol!
I tell you, one thing about DR, the men love women, especially women with some weight, sooo you know I was walking around like "hmmph, Beyonce aint got nothing on me" lol, If I EVER need a boost of self-esteem, or ladies if you EVER need a boost of self-esteem, get you a ticket to Puerto Plata, you'll leave thinking your a super model. I got more marriage proposals and offers than even Donald Trump has given (and Donald, if you're reading this, I wouldn't mind a proposal from you... Cuz I don't care what Rosie said about your hair, its sexy boo... Work it!!!) So I decided that life in DR isn't for me, plus the men run things there, completely different culture from USA, I'd hate to have to knock my husband in the head with my skillet because he got out of line, see because that's my culture, lol. Now, the food was good. I ate mostly at the resort and once in town. Went to the store by the resort and got my first real experience of a TRUE bodega!
You see all these years growing up in harlem, I thought I knew what a bodega was. As a teen I "THOUGHT" I was buying candy at the bodega, I "THOUGHT" I was buying my pickles from the bodega, I "THOUGHT" I was getting my turkey and cheese sandwich with a free grape soda from the bodega.... OH NO ladies and gentlemen! A REAL bodega has a security guard with a sawed-off shot gun standing outside, a real bodega has tables where people sit drinking presidente's and playing dominoes, a real bodega has bachata (a type of music) playing, a real bodega has all of their products in spanish, a real bodega has several freezers packed with only presidente's, a real bodega sells RON BLANCO RUM, and a REAL bodega has men with their hands in their pants laying back in their seat winking at you as you pay for juice you hope is orange, but you don't know because its in Spanish, as you follow the security guard in the corner of your eye inside socializing with the drunken patrons while he swings the shotgun like he's swinging hands with someone. So the next time you're at the corner store on your block, in your hood, (or for the folk living downtown) at your local deli, lmao, appreciate it more than ever!!! Lol, because I have learned to!
- Shout out to Hamad, and Muhammad, at my local bodega (now owned and run by Arabs, lmao!
And to my people, its not A-rab, caaaooommme ooonnn, its Aaarab! LMLSAO-- laugh my light skin a** off!! haha)BUT overall it was nice to get away... Im going to finish unpacking my suitcase now, but until next time.... (oh, you better be here next time!) ok bye! :o)Virgo kisses!P.S.

The pictures are from my walk on the beach in Puerto Plata the morning after my birthday (Wednesday September 3) at about 8:30am.


Me (Ali) - left & Saeedah -right
Drumroll please..........I would like to introduce you tooooo the lovely, the sexy, the coolest, the smoothest, the nicest and my sister...SAEEDAH ABDULLAH!!!!


- Everyone, my sister will be joining me each week to post up her humorous daily activities! Watch out now, she is arm and dangerous.

- Above his her first posting! Check it out!


Hey Crew! I can't reveal all of the news, but I am in the work to create a reality show based on me! In case you are wondering, the show will focus on my daily grind to push my ventures through the roof!!

Sorry, I will not give you anymore information.....But, But, I will tell you this-
Last Wednesday, September 3, I meet with Scott Rauch, President & Co-Founder of Simmons Jewelry Co - And we teamed up to create my personal inspirational jewelry collection/line, not yet named, but to be launched in 2009!!!
I will not spill more details.....But, I am just keeping my word on giving you guys an all access on me.

Ventures behind the show includes-
Urban Apparel Line (____ Label)
Jewelry Collection
Movie & Music Production

Universal Studios

Gosssh! I love theme parks! Here is me and my friend at Universal Studios last week! This is a great picture and the person who took it was just a young teenager! Big Ups to her! I'm sorry I forgot your name....

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Grind- 2008

(I look busted in this pic...I didn't have time to clean up...I've been doing a lot of running around! However, you should see me today) :-)

- Happy belated Labor Day all! Mines was great! I was out grinding once again- this time to find the perfect T-Shirt fabric/Quality and Cut for a future collection, called_______________!!! You'll find out! (Stay tuned)

So, I parked the car and began walking through the fashion district hitting up every store, networking and feeling on all of the material as if it was my _______!

At one point, I was close to knocking heads with one store owner.... Why? Because I was being toooo specific and general on what I am looking for! I know good quality and his stuff was terrible!

- However, I am not going to sit here an act innocent....I was grabbing every shirt in every I was not putting them back in it's original order!!! Nor was I folding them!!! So, yes, I admit, I am wrong for doing that....AAAannnnnd-I can see why he got mad! IDK, I guess I was disgusted by the poor quality of his collection...It was a easy spotted hustle!

* Funny thing is, I actually hate people who go to department stores and don't fold the clothes they touch....Perfect example -MARSHALLS

Nevertheless, my Labor Day Journey was not successful!!! But, I did come across one store in the lower Broadway area that had the PERFECT QUALITY T-SHIRT.....IN A BABY TEE!!! Arr, that was upsetting. But, I'll come through in the clutch! Pleeez-ba-leeevv-it!

My Birthday - 8/31

My Bday was great! Thanks for asking!! I turned 23 and I feel rejuvenated!! However, I didn't do a "thang" besides chill with my father! I also hung out with my brother from another mother- Jahlil, 4 and his cousin, Maya, 9!

World watch out, those are two lovely and intelligent individuals! God Bless them!