Sunday, January 25, 2009

SNY (Juniors)Halftime Performers

Ahhhh, this is soooooo cute! Say this is not funny!

VIdeos of SNY Invitational

SNY- 2nd Annual Invitational HS basketball Game @ NYC, presented by Time Warner

CHECK BACK LATER FOR ALI's official BLOG of the 2nd Annual SNY Invitational, presented by Time Wartner.

3 Stripes like a Rainbow

Shine like a rainbow! Mind you, these are all at least 2 years old. I stumbled across these this weekend as I was consolidating my closest! With more than 100 plus pairs of sneakers, I ended up wearing the exclusive yellow and purple XZ's for the 1st time!

By the way, the outfit was very simple and sexy: Navy Blue Supastar Classic Suit w/ the XZ's! Enough said!

Oh Yea, and I know you love the tuxedo black shells!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Hood will never learn......until.....

- Only in the hood! It's sad. As people we need need to get our _______together!

I was forced to eat the sandwich because they felt nothing was wrong with it!

I don't know about you, but this sure doesn't look like the commercial!

Oh, and you best of believe that I will report this. Mc.Donalds, here I come!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ali vs. NY Knicks Staff!!!!!

Disregard the Post title, there's no "I" in team!

But, yesterday I was personally invited by the bosses over at Madison Square Garden to participate in a pickup game of Basketball!

I sit here by my MacPro and humbly say that I played extremely well! Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of the game, but I did manage to take a picture of me on the court.

I confess, this looks like a groupie shot, but hey, I had to prove to the haters that John Starks don't have nothing on me!!!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


This new line is soooo hot! Nike did it's thing! Big shout out to Megan and Summer over at the WBCA!
- Also big shout out to Ivory Latta and Kay Yow!
- Ivory and WBCA (Megan and Summer) we will speak soon regarding the "BABY" pitch. It's coming your way shortly.

Make sure you pick up your Nike Think Pink collection at the House of Hoops on Febuary 1st!

Pick or Choose

Yesterday on MLK Day, I went over to check out some vehicles at Chevy of Harlem. The owner, Craig helped me narrow my choices down to these two:
1 Cadillac Escalade- Navy Blue (Picture#2)
2 Chevy TAHOE HYBRID - Silver (Picture#1)

I need some help. Let me know which one you are digging. Ok?
* Honestly, I am really feeling the Chevy Corvette! (Shut Up Fatima!)

I'm not much of a truck guy, but with a large family who loves to take road trips (What's up DAD) - I am not sure which one I should choose! I think the Hybrid is cool because it's a Hybrid!!!! lol

Plus, it's a $20,000 price difference. And NO, I am not cheap!

Let me know! I look forward to your response.

Martin Luther King Grind!

As my H-Town people (Paul Wall, T-Farris and Yung Red) say - "NO DAY'S OFF"

My Martin Luther King Day was fantastic! God bless his soul!

As you can see I went to do some project visuals of the "CRACK is WHACK" playground-(Check date on pictures) - possibly the official playground of my organization, 5ASL 2009 special events....Maybe! For right now keep it on the DL! Got to work it out with my team first.
- What's up, Zo and Workout!

No one can outwork me. Whether it's a holiday, vacation or an affair, I must work! I must! A lot of my inspiration comes from people like my man, Mark Cuban (Owner of Dallas Mavericks) and my Grandmothers! Love yoooouuuuu!

I am determine to become one of America’s most successful businessmen, actor and producer of our time! Most importantly, I want to leave a legacy behind for my friends, family and community! I am determine to win! Either follow me or join me!


This time of year is always rough! The weather is wacccccck and my business travels are usually slow! But, not for longgggg!!!

However, here are some beautiful shots of NYC weather! By the way, last week was very, very cold!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Ali - Mohawk is looking SWEEEEEET!

Enough said....Ladies I'm taken!(Ummm Hmmm)
But, maybe next time around!!!

Cut the crap - No excuse!

As I was approaching the gym this morning, I stumbled across this license plate! See above picture!

Now, I'm not sure if this is one of my boys: Curtis "Daywalker: Williams, Alphonso "Etha A**" Howlett or Jarell "Blood in the Water" Hemphill cars, but this was definitely interesting. I have yet to find out who car this is, but when I do, you will be the first to know.

Stay tune, "Eatin P**y" is on it's way to a neighborhood near you!

But, seriously, this is very childish of the person. Whoever car this is, they definitely need to check themselves!!

A's Favorite - Simmons Jewelry Co. New Brown Bracelet

Justine Simmons and the good folks over at Simmons Jewelry Company has done it again!

Check out Justine Simmons new "Tiger's Eye" Brown Bracelet- apart of her fabolus Brown Sugar Collection with the Simmong Jewelry Company. SJC keeps bringing something new to the table and this piece here will sure be just ummmm, another hit!

To view and make purchases of the Brown Sugar Collection, click on the link below:

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

ALi - Dr. Dre feat. Bishop Lamont, 50cent & R. Kelly "Could Have Been You"!

AS you guys know, I am a bigggg fannnnn of DR. Dre and the whole Aftermath Music Camp. So a friend of mines from Cali sent me this exclusive track from Dr.Dre new album, DETOX!!

This song is sooooooo(Like popular blogger Sandra Rose say) HAAAAWWWWWTTT!!

Check it out! ">

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Adidas 2009 Product Launch

If you don't know, now you know. Check out the exciting 2009 collection of Adidas.

Click on the above image. If it doesn't work, click here:

Thanks http: Wang of Adidas Fans & Nice Kicks.
// &

Happy New Years

Happy New Years Everyone!

- God first, Get Money and Don't Stop!

Ali @ NY Knicks vs. Denver Game- 12/28

The Knicks are getting better, but when they faced Brooklyn born Carmelo Anthony, oooohhh were they in for a battle!

My man, Nate "the great" played well including Chris Duhon, but that boy Carmelo went off in the fourth quarter! Goddddddd Dammnnnn!

However, later that evening, my father invited the family to his crib for dinner...(Dad the food was awesome!)
* Picture one - Knick Game
* Picture two- Father and daughter of my father friend (Airele)
- Dad/Anthony, I hope I spelled her name correct.

Christmas w/ the Abdullahs

Ahh, what a great family we are! Love you